Contribute 3

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2004

Macromedia – Contribute: Contribute 3 is out. Macromedia claims “300 enhancements,” but I can’t find a list.

There’s an impressive list of features here, but it doesn’t break out what’s new in this version. I did see some neat stuff that I hadn’t seen before, like FrontPage Extension compatibility, WEBDAV support (which means you could use it to edit database-based pages), and Flash Paper 2, which apparently now includes PDF generation.

I also noticed that Macromedia is pushing something called the Macromedia Web Publishing System. It’s a bundle of Studio MX, Contribute 3, and Contribute Publishing Services:

Contribute Publishing Services is a server application that provides central administration and tracking of user access and publishing activities on the website. It provides central management of site connections and access permissions, while server-based logging and e-mail notifications provide a deeper view into publishing activities.

According to this Breeze presentation, you can use this to source Contribute users out of LDAP.