No More Free FTP for Uncle Sam

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2004

Ipswitch yanks free FTP software from government market: I’ve used WS_FTP faithfully for years. At work, I’ve paid for the professional version (v9 is just out and it’s quite good — they finally updated their sorry user interface), but at home I use the Limited Edition that they’re talking about here.

Ipswitch has pulled WS_FTP Limited Edition, its free FTP software, from the government market.

Agencies no longer have the license to use the free utility program or the right to distribute it, according to company officials.[…]

Shawn McCarthy, program manager in government and education at IDC, said that although the free utility has long been popular, “the need for increased security — including secure connectivity, encryption for greater file security and key matching technology — is now driving government users in a new direction.”

Nothing in this article says it’s not still free for personal use.