Google Indexing Quirk

By Deane Barker on September 5, 2004

Google is dying: I think the title of this bit may be a little dramatic, but the author points out an interesting phenomenon with Google pages lately.

On sites with more than a few thousand pages, Google is not indexing anywhere from ten percent to seventy percent of the pages it knows about. These pages show up in Google’s main index as a listing of the URL, which means that the Googlebot is aware of the page. But they do not show up as an indexed page.

When the page is listed but not indexed, the only way to find it in a search is if your search terms hit on words in the URL itself. Even if they do hit, these listed pages rank so poorly compared to indexed pages, that they are almost invisible. This is true even though the listed pages still retain their usual PageRank. […]

Google is dying. It broke sixteen months ago and hasn’t been fixed. It looks to me as if pages that have been noted by the crawler cannot be indexed until some other indexed page gives up its docID number.



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