Junior Jobs

By on September 2, 2004

(No, this isn’t a duplicate of the previous story — different sort of Jobs).

The KDE project has come up with a neat way to get new developers interested in contributing to KDE: Junior Jobs. The problem with starting to contribute to a big project like KDE is that the code is so large and confusing, a new developer won’t know how or where to begin

So the KDE developers are marking certain ‘easy’ feature requests as ‘Junior Jobs’, and including some hints, so that those problems could be picked up by a developer who’s never written any code for the project.

As Christian puts it: “I started to mark some bugs as JJ some months ago. Now I already received three high-quality patches from two different people (Thanks Sergio and Dermot!) for those reports. That’s much more than I expected.”

With some success under their belts, it’s likely that a Junior Jobs programmer will go on to contribute more to the project. Neat idea.