Google CodeJam 2004

By on September 2, 2004

Google is holding their (apparently annual) Code Jam competition again this year. Competitors are given a series of problems for which they have to code solutions, then they try to write test cases that will invalidate each others’ code.

Do you have exceptional programming skills? Can you make computers perform like silicon puppets with just a few well-expressed commands? Are you at ease when faced with a hard stop and a group of peers evaluating every line of your code? Here’s your opportunity to display the grace of the true professional in a reward-rich environment.

The 1st place winner gets $10K, and their code probably winds up somewhere in the bowels of some future Google software. If you read the T&C closely, Google owns the winners’ source. Sneaky.



  1. I’ve signed up to the Code Jam this jear and find it a fantastic idea. Some of the problem are really mindbogglingly complex.

    Surely, Google is going to use the winners’ source for its own products…

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