By Deane Barker on September 2, 2004 auction delayed: There once was a guy named “Kerry Edwards” who bought a vanity URL. He turned out even luckier than Moldova or Tuvalu.

The fate of the Web site is up in the air after the highest bidder for the potentially profitable domain name pulled out.

Since presidential hopeful John Kerry announced that his running mate would be John Edwards, traffic has surged to — and so have offers to buy the domain.



  1. nute gingrich had a contract with America where the number one object was to balance the budget because an unbalanced budget was the greatest threat to america’s future. When Clinton’s budget passed not one republican voted for it. there was enough Democrats to pass it any way. That budget created the largest budget surplus in US history. Bush created the largest deposit in the history of this country. Since Bush got into office Americans lost trillions on the stock market in their 401k;s. Where is the contract with America. He predicted a colasp in the econamy before he was president this is part of what caused a panic on wass street. He gave me $300, and his policys raised my gass prices by 100% I have less money to stimilate the econemy.

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