Traffic Bombing Spammers

By Deane Barker on June 24, 2003

FriedSPAM: The legality of this is deeply questionable:

“Let FriedSPAM visit [spammers] sites for you — about a million times! After all, you are only doing what the spammers are asking you to do. Just enter the URLs of the websites that the spammers want you to visit, and hit START. After that, FriedSPAM will do the visiting for you, as many times as you want. Let FriedSPAM visit while you sleep! That’s what the spammers want, isn’t it? After all, why else would they stuff your mailbox with such tempting invitations?”

I love the “Interval between visits” box. Thank God the minimum is 100 milliseconds — I was afraid this site would let you do something irresponsible.

It uses client-side VBScript, so you need to leave your browser open while it hammers some site. Additionally, this lets the site owners out of some sticky legal issues since YOU are the one delivering the traffic bomb.



  1. has proven very successful in taking down a number of pornography and quack medicine sites.

    On a small point, FriedSPAM does NOT use client-side VBScript, but that is of little relevance.

    As is clearly pointed out over and over on the FriedSPAM site, you are only doing what the spammer has asked you to do. In fact, the spammer may have been asking you to do it several times a day. All that a spammer has to do to prevent you from visiting his site, is to stop inviting you to visit his site. Seems simple, doesn’t it?

    When it becomes widely known that one FriedSPAMmer can deliver more clicks in an hour than 100 massive spam mail campaigns, advertisers will no longer believe any stats and will stop paying.

    If several thousand people used FriedSPAM for a year, I think we could safely predict the end of spam. It would simply become too expensive for anyone to send out a million spam mails.


  2. I’m not sure on what you mean by “your own server”, but here is what happens.

    The spammer has asked you to visit his website (or more likely the website of some “merchant” who has chosen to advertise in this disgusting and intrusive manner). That is exactly what you do. From the perspective of the spammer and the merchant, it is as if you read the spam mail, and clicked on the link to his website. The only difference is that you are visitng over and over, for hours or days as you wish.

    The method of the visit differs slightly from a regular hypertext link only to assure that each visit will generate a new download from the remote server. Without that feature, only a few bytes would be returned each time saying, in effect, that nothing has changed since the last visit and you should just display your cached copy. With FriedSPAM, every visit is a fresh download of the entire page from the server.

    There are other safegueards that hide user information that is sometimes exploited by merchant sites, such as agent and browsing history. Also, all identifying information is stripped from the link to the spammer site (the information hidden after the ‘?’ in many spam URLs). Since you never have to register to use FriedSPAM, there is NO possibility of personal information being sent to any remote server, be it the spammer, merchant, or FriedSPAM itself. You remain anonymous.

    I hope this clarifies things.


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