Porn Trackers

By Deane Barker on August 31, 2004

They look at porn all day, so others won’t be able to: I always knew that somewhere there was a hive of people keeping those site-blocking databases up-to-date. How can they keep up?

Some days, work is so horrible that Christa Adams must leave her desk and take a walk around the building to calm down. The horrifying, violent sexual images that pop up on her computer screen still unnerve her.

But she is no longer shocked. After all, she went looking for those images. It is part of the job when you are a porn-tracker.

She is one of about a dozen “verifier technicians” at 8e6 Technologies, an Orange-based firm that develops software for organizations seeking to keep employees or children from looking at inappropriate Web sites.



  1. a firm based on oranges ?! that doesn’t sound possible but then they’re trying to censor the net , that’s just about as stupid ;)

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