Government Machines Turned Into Spam Zombies

By Deane Barker on August 31, 2004

Hackers hijack federal computers: Not even the federal government is immune. This must be the zombie controllers’ Holy Grail, because I imagine the feds have some decidedly fast machines lying around hooked up to some decidedly fast connections.

Hundreds of powerful computers at the Defense Department and U.S. Senate were hijacked by hackers who used them to send spam e-mail, federal authorities say.

More on zombie networks here and here.



  1. I’m a Department of Defense employee. In reality, because of contracting regulations, most DoD computers and Internet connections are older and slower than what you’d find in the private sector. I do receive a half dozen or so virus-carrying emails a day but I suspect a large proportion are idiot teenagers who just want to say they got at the U.S. military.

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