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By Deane Barker on August 30, 2004

MSN Web Messenger: I couldn’t try this because Passport is down for some reason, but my buddy Matt assures me that “it works great and looks just like the client version.”

MSN Web Messenger lets you talk online and in real-time with friends and family using just a web browser! Use it on any shared computer — at school, at work, at a friend’s house or anywhere you can’t install the MSN Messenger software.



  1. Yeah, it works great until your school district goes ahead and blocks that web site. Oh well, at least it was fun using it for a week at work until some idiot tipped them off. (Notice I’m not allowing for the possibility of IT figuring out on their own that people were using this web site and deciding to block it…no one there is remotely smart enough to figure that out.)

  2. lol that what u thinks its soo easy too track every single site vusted by the users through GFI monitor :P …. yeah u can try using some other software which use some diff sitess to log u on to msn .. that might help u .. and if some buddy blokced that ports then it will be more harder

  3. It’s a shame. My school have block the e messenger site and msn messenger, I really want to go on some kind of msn at school. Can anyone find anything?

  4. MSN are doing a web version too, and ICQ and Yahoo both have web versions. These links should go directly there. If not then go to their main sites and look for their link to messenger or chat… (MSN http://webmessenger.msn.com/?mkt=en-gb

    ICQ http://go.icq.com/

    Yahoo http://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?.src=pg&.done=http://messenger.yahoo.com/webmsgr/launcher.php?back=http://messenger.yahoo.com/?i=1) (Main sites: MSN http://www.msn.com ICQ http://www.icq.com Yahoo http://www.yahoo.com)

  5. Yahoo Web Messenger Im at school at the moment and we used to be able to go onto web messenger for msn on the school computers but the computer technicians have found out and blocked it from the network
    so i decided to have a bash at getting yahoo web messenger to work but when logging on,it goes as my ID and i pick ‘ let people see im available’ or whatever and then connect but it jus goes to a messenger screen with disconnected at the bottom. Does anyone know how to change this and make the stupid thingy work. If not, I have a lot of very boring and depressing free’s comming up where i’ll actually have to work!!!

  6. try: http://e-messenger.net/

    it has MSN, AOL and YAHOO

    I use this at work bcoz the a**hole people at IT are playing favorites again… not all can actually make IMs run on our respective computers… Im one of the not so few on their restricted list…

    and also… those sites that they blocked i use: http://www.gibeo.net/

    really works… registration is fast… once logged in, just add gibeo.net at the end of the URL of the blocked site you wanna go into… like: http://www.yahoo.com becomes http://www.yahoo.com.gibeo.net


  7. yeah, i’ve been using the e messenger thing and before i knew it, it was blocked to. i also could not access the yahoo web messenger because it says the javascript isn’t downloaded or allowed. somebody help me!!

  8. hi leo ,

    just check in your web browser options , that JAVA VM is enabled or not , if not then make them enable by clicking it, this should work.

  9.        rar. like everyone else is saying, my stupid school has blocked yahoo webmessenge, etc.  ive tried almost every site, but i still have no luck.  ive changed all the internet settings, enable-ling everything, STILL I CANT GET ANYTHING TO WORK! if there is any site that you know of that works, could you pleaaaaaase inform me. i dont know what to do.
  10. My school has filtered out web messengers i can’t find any!

    If anyone can find any other way to get on MSN Web Messenger please please post something.

  11. I have msn messanger and yahoo messenger downloaded to my Laptop and it works Great at home BUT its blocked at work .. HOW CAN i Make it work pls help pls pls pls

  12. Hi, guys if anyone knows any wed site that i can find yahoo webmessenger plz do tell me. i went on e-messenger but still it doesn’t work. oooff this is just….

  13. um, well something happened on my computer and to cut a long story short, something has blocked all the secure sites on the internet (e.g hotmail, tesco littlewoods etc.) (the thing blocking them is the symantec norton security thingy) and i cant get onto hotmail or msn. i now cant get iloveim.com or e-messenger or msn web messenger. anyone knowhow to fix that, or anymore spare web messengers. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  14. hi everyone, my school blocked everything aswell, but try, http://www.iloveim.com that always seens to work. its quite good, but they have blocked mine now, but im still looking for others, im pretty sure it only works for hotmail people and its web based, you need to disable to the pop up blocker though

  15. Yea our school blocked the msn sites.. and almost everything else like e -messenger.. so i was wondering if you guys knew any other sites like it?

  16. alrite yeh my skoolz bloked everyfin 2 but i can still get ilovim.com although it dunt always work

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