Kiwi Vies For Darwin Award

By on August 30, 2004

This is about two years old, but I ran across it on SlashDot today in the midst of the discussion of a guy that strapped a jet engine to a wheelchair (worthy of his own post). What tops that? How about this New Zealander:

Unfortunately that small quantity of ice would not keep multiple beers cold during the course of a day in the shed. And no, you cannot, not under any circumstances, put ice into the beer. No!

It was obvious I had to come up with a better solution to the problem.

I knew from some long forgotten physics lecture that when a liquid expands into a gas it will draw heat from its surroundings. And I happened to have a source of a suitable liquid right in my shed in the form of a LPG cylinder. […] What I needed was a way to use up a lot of fuel very, very quickly.

What I needed was a jet engine!

If you’re a tinkerer, this is a good one to print and give to your spouse so that they can see that you could be so much worse.