Safari Extends HTML

By Deane Barker on August 30, 2004

Party Like It’s 1996!: Apple has gone all Microsoft on us, creating new Safari-only HTML markup willy-nilly.

Even more troubling is the opening phrase: “Another extension we made to HTML is…” I’d be really happy if someone explained to me how this is different from what Netscape and Microsoft did to each other so irritatingly back in 1996 (>MARQUEE> anyone?).

This is a tough line to walk. The W3C, while a great concept, moves with all the speed of a glacier.

And, as upset as everyone was when Microsoft did this, the fact remains that Microsoft did come up with some great stuff for their browser, and if all browsers supported it, I don’t think you’d have heard too many complaints. Problem was, only IE supported it, and the extensions were so good, people started to depend on them, thus screwing all other browsers.



  1. Silly! purely silly….. I might not be upset if Safari already supported all the W3C standards… but alas they do not…. WHy build your own tags when you could implement some other standards? RSS, Atom, SVG? then there is Xforms, and others…. They need to support the standards before they can start making their own!

  2. Or they could have just created them in XHTML with a Safari namespace and all would have been fine. But no. Apparently well-formed markup is too difficult and they had to mangle HTML instead.

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