Excel Web Queries

By Deane Barker on August 27, 2004

Updating Excel From the Web: Really great article on Excel Web Queries. Users always want to get data in Excel for some reason. Web queries are a rock-simple way to let them do this.

Web queries essentially let Excel read data in from an HTML table. Excel can call a URL, parse the table that the URL produces, and load that as rows and columns. Additionally, you can get Excel to prompt the users for querystring parameters without doing any VBA, and using some extensions to HTML, you can format the data, add formulas, filter boxes, etc.

With Web queries, you can get a lot of client-side functionality for your Web app without doing a blessed thing, really. Microsoft really hit this one out of the park.



  1. Judging from the last part of the URL of the article (991021.htm), the article was written in October 1999 using Office 97. I can only imagine what Office 2003 is capable of. Actually, using Office 2003 with SharePoint 2003 for an intranet allows you to do some pretty cool collaboration.

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