KidzMail 1.5

By on August 26, 2004

Remember KidzMail? Version 1.5 was just released, with a bevy of improvements, and the Winders version is out too (imagine that; the Mac versions coming out first!)

KidzMail is unique in that its interface is designed for youngsters;

With KidzMail children draw pictures and send them to people in their address book. Addressing email is as simple as choosing recipients from a list of pictures and names. Parents control the address book, so they know who their children are sending email to.

Security settings can force it to whitelist incoming mail, limiting it to only people already in the address book. The pictures associated with entries in the address book can either be from the set of 20-some stock icons that come with the app or from any standard picture file.

My 5 year old loves it. His favorite part is when something goes wrong and he gets a big “Uh oh!” error message. I think he’ll be a great beta-tester — he keeps doing different things trying to break it, only to get the error message.

Try it for free on OS X, OS 9, and Windows. Register it for $19.