Phillip Torrone Crosses Some Invisible Line

By on August 25, 2004

Phil Torrone has done some unusual technical stunts in the past, but I think he may have set some kind of geek world record with this one.

The Search Engine Belt Buckle is a PDA which shows 24 hours of all the bizarre and banal things people are looking for on the web. Art project or pointless hack? That’s for you to decide, but all we know is that people are searching for some pretty freaky stuff out there, so why not put in a belt buckle and get on the scene like a sex machine?

Has to be seen to be believed. World’s first combination belt buckle & date repellent. Wow.

[Side Note: The thing streams by an unedited list of terms people are searching for, so some of the terms are, of course, nasty.]

Via Pocket PC Thoughts.