By Deane Barker on August 25, 2004

Review: ‘NFL 2K5’ edges out ‘Madden NFL 2005’: For the first time in years, Madden football has a serious competitor in “ESPN NFL 2K5.”

Price is a big factor: NFL 2K5 has rolled out a polished game for the bargain price of $20, while Madden NFL 2005 goes for $50.

NFL 2K5 has impeccable graphics, smooth controls and a deep franchise mode that matches Madden at every turn.



  1. ESPN will never be better than the madden franchise…. They have to drop it to 20$ so that they can move the product…..

    The logic of it is that people will buy the 20$ ESPN first as it comes out a month earlier and only costs a few dollars…. then when madden comes out buy that too… Madden is king! It will take lot to dethrown Madden.

  2. I’ve always been an “ESPN” game fan…with football and espically baseball. I used to play them back when they were on the Dreamcast and called “World Series Baseball 2k” and “NFL 2k” before ESPN took over. They just have better controls and I love thier baseball franchise.

  3. Somebody needs to get a grip and realize that this isn’t ESPN, and it’s doubtful that ESPN will be reading his rants even if they do monitor this posting.

  4. Ive played both games 2k and Madden and personally I cant stand the Madden Games. Espn keep it up cause yall are the shiznit!!!!

  5. the reason i will buy madden is you can not turn off salary cap in nfl 2k which makes it less fun in franchise

  6. ESPN 2k5 is like 1000 times better than boring old madden I mean shure Madden is the champ but sorry madden fans this year the crown goes to ESPN.

  7. Truthfully I have both games and to tell you the truth there both good. Espn beats madden with the running game but not the running plays and other plays. Madden Beats espn with the passing a little bit.Both of the franchises are great with the Tony Bruno radio show on madden and with the Chris Berman show on espn. If Madden and espn 2k5 Joined together thewy would bet a spectacular game and would be very very good and I would play It 24/7.So I think Madden is still a champ in football but espn is coming up behind them and next year might steal the Crown. One last thing they need to add the salary cap turn off to be your choice because sometimes I like to have a season were you dont have to worry about salary cap.

  8. All depends on your opinion of what is fun. When it comes to a realistic game, espn is way better (hence the salary cap thing, although I do agree it should be able to be turned off). When it comes to an arcade feel, madden is much better. I personally choose the realism…..

  9. I wish they would repair the defect in online play as where when you kicking butt, halftime comes and other player won’t kick off the ball, and you either have to forfeit the game or wait it out to see if they finally kick off

  10. As far as I know, salary cap can’t be turned off in Madden 2005 either. you guys must be talking about Madden 2004. As far as the actual gameplay, Madden owns, but the Chris Berman show on ESPN 2k5 is awesome, it would be great to see something like that on Madden. (The tony bruno show doesnt cut it)

  11. hey to all fellow madden gamers!!! I NEED HELP IN THE WORST WAY!!!!!!!!!! can anyone tell me how to turn salary cap off for madden 2006? if not does anyone know how to beat it? also does anyone know how to use your created playbook in franchise mode? franchise mode was always fun in the maddens past, but now i’m a little upset with it. what was ea thinking?!!!!!!?

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