Olympic Network Security

By Deane Barker on August 23, 2004

Cyber front has favorable bytes: The Olympic computer network is safe, everyone — you can all relax.

“Green is good. Red is very bad,” says Jean Chevallier, executive vice president of Atos Origin, Paris-based head of the Games’ $400 million information system. In between are yellow (mild) and orange (more alarming).

Halfway through the Athens Olympics, the worst anyone has seen here is “a light yellow,” Chevallier says. The threat? Some news people have unplugged official terminals in the press centers and tried to tap into the network with their own laptops, apparently thinking they can surf the Internet.

They got nowhere.

Good thing they didn’t catch me zeroing out all the opponents’ scores against the U.S. Women’s Softball team. Surely you didn’t think they really got that many shutouts?