By on August 23, 2004

ClickSpotting: This is a random Google AdWord I followed, but it looks like a pretty clever approach to web site analysis. Their twist is that they don’t just look at the fact that users go from page A to page B, but rather exactly where on the page people clicked.

ClickSpotting is a new approach in web analysis. Traditional web analysis informs you about how a visitor navigates from one page to another but not about what the visitor actually does on a page of the website.

ClickSpotting’s results help you understand your visitors on page behavior. It allows you to use the information in a very intuitive way and measure the impact of site optimization like you have not seen before.

This really looked gimmickly to me, until I watched the demo. A very intuitive and natural way to see how your site is being used. Too bad it’s WAY too expensive for all but the largest sites ($500 setup, $250 for a report for one page. Ouch).