CyberCafe Violence

By Deane Barker on August 23, 2004

Anti-violence rules in effect at L.A. cybercafes: Apparently there’s violence in and around “cybercafes” in L.A. I’m assuming “cybercafe” is a trendy way of saying “coffee shop with kiosk machines and wifi.”

Los Angeles is the largest of several Southern California cities to enact restrictions on Internet gaming parlors. The ordinance was proposed after several shootings in 2002 near cybercafes, two of them fatal.

A police analysis found that most of the people arrested at cybercafes were minors who violated curfew or truancy rules. Officials were concerned that the cafes were havens for gang activity.

First of all, why cybercafes of all places to center gang activity? Second, why the violence? Did someone take the “good” computer or something?



  1. I can’t speak for LA, but there are cybercafes in San Diego that aren’t much more than a fast (t1?) line and a bunch of gaming PC’s in a row. I guess you get your posse and get a bank of machines and go doom3 crazy or something like that. The ones I’ve seen are in kind of sketchy strip malls – typically in asian parts of town.

  2. Well, I’ve been to a cybercafe in Buena Park, a small suburb of LA, and it’s bout the same as you said in San Diego except it was four rows of gaming PCs.

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