A Story of MMORPG Double-Cross

By Deane Barker on August 22, 2004

The Great Scam: I found this story via Boing Boing. It’s the detailed description of how a guy scammed several other players in Eve Online out of 480 million credits.

This is a story of deception, intrigue, and doublecrossing. It is a story of liars, bandits, and greed. It is a story of the worst of the human condition, and how the motive for profit will drive a normally nice guy to the deepest depths of evil and betrayal.

It took me 30 minutes to read, but, oh, was it worth it. It’s so well-written, it’s scary. He builds up to the climax like a seasoned novelist, and the payoff is worth every minute.

It also provides a fascinating look into the lives of hardcore MMORPG players. It’s a little disturbing how their online lives cross over into their real lives, with people threatening to kill this guy in real life if they ever catch him.

Warning: the story is exceptionally profane. But, man, it’s good.

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  1. damn im a slow reader so it took me almost an hour to read that, that was a good read though, so hilarious, i bet that red library phone is getting swamped with prank calls… the ending is also so great, those ppl must be soooooooo pissed off, it would be much better if it were real $ tho.

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