How Fast is It Really?

By Deane Barker on June 24, 2003

spl’s soapbox — apple powermac G5: Apparently Apple cooked the G5 test results. Bummer. More from Extreme Tech.

“…it appears that Apple actually modified the CPU registers to enable an optimized special-case scenario, and one that is not indicative of real-world performance. Lionbridge’s notes regarding the malloc library also indicate that Apple included an optimized library. I think it’s significant that Lionbridge, under contract to Apple, felt compelled to note that the library implementation was ‘unsuitable for many uses.’”

For the record, Apple responded to Slashdot about it:

“Joswiak went over the points in turn, but first said that they set out from the beginning to do a fair and even comparison, which is why they used an independent lab and provided full disclosure of the methods used in the tests, which would be ‘a silly way to do things’ if Apple were intending to be deceptive.”

CNET has picked up this story as well.



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