Revenge of the Friday Diversion

By on August 20, 2004

Well, it’s been about six months since we last posted a Friday Diversion, which makes it less of a weekly feature and more of a biannual one. We’ve got two here that won’t keep you busy all weekend (I hope not, anyway), but should get you frustrated enough to build up a nice, frothy head of road rage for the drive home.

Airtös: Goof off in the office by playing this simulation of goofing off in the office. My best is 900 so far, but I suck.

Parallel Parking: Parallel park your car. Few of the rules my angry driver’s ed teacher/gym coach yelled at me seem to apply to this one. My best so far is 00:15:73 with a score of 31.8. Had I listened to my French teacher as well as my driver’s ed teacher, I might be able to tell you what the instructions say.



  1. I used to have to parallel park my car all the time when I lived in Europe, but it was never this difficult. (00:12:73 with a score of 39.25).

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