XM Radio in New Accords

By Deane Barker on August 19, 2004

I was picking up my Accord from the service department of my dealer today, and I wandered through the new car showroom. I noticed that 2004 Accords come with XM Satellite Radio pre-installed with free sign-up and three-month free subscription.

Great marketing move. Odds are very good that you’ll be hooked in three months and will gladly pony up $10 a month to continue it.



  1. I keep hearing how great Hondas are, and yet I keep dropping off co-workers at the Honda service center. I think I’ve dropped 1 person off at the Ford shop this year, and 5 people off at the Honda shop. What’s up with that?

  2. Personally, I’d prefer to just have an aux channel on the car’s stereo with a jack on the dashboard that would allow me to plug in the audio feed from an iPod, laptop, CD player, or whatever. There are ways to do this with aftermarket parts, but most of them are either half-baked and not terribly reliable or terribly expensive. Anything that keeps me from having to tear the dashboard halfway apart and lay with my head and shoulders in the footwell to get it working.

  3. Hmmmm where have I heard this before?? Oh yes with TV.

    TV was free . Then came cable, with no commercials because you paid for it. Then came the commericias because you paying did not pay them enough. Soon no more free tv.

    Radio is free. XM radio is free of commercials because you are paying for it.

    Any bets on when commericals start showing up??

    Thanks but I”ll stick to AM sports radio and my mp3 collection.

  4. re: aux channels – just get a cassette adapter. Slot one end into your tape deck, plug the other end into the headphone socket of whatever device you’re using to play music, and away you go. Why bother with expensive modifications and fiddling with the dashboard when you can acheive the same effect for around a dozen bucks?

  5. A cassette adapter will only work if your radio has a Cassette deck. Mine doesn’t, it has a CD Player. Thus if I want to connect any of those devices, the only option is to tear the dash apart and attach one of those aftermarket adapters, while turning myself into a pretzel…

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