Windows on $0 a Day

By on August 18, 2004

I’ve always wondered, with the porting of open-source apps to Windows, is it possible to build an XP system that’s functional for day to day use, but uses entirely free software? Well, I wonder about a lot of things like that, but I’m pretty lazy, so that’s where it ends. Manish Bansal, though gets off his butt, builds a box, scours the Internet and writes a great OSNews article about that very issue:

Recently I upgraded my home PC and I thought, well, how about loading it with only freeware/open source software (On top of Windows XP)? So I started looking around and found some excellent freeware, along with a lot of trash. It took some work to evaluate all the applications but in the end, it was worth it.

I have nothing against Micro$oft or any other ISV making money though. It was just that I was on a tight budget and I wanted to see whether it was really possible to live without commercial software. Here is what I have settled on in the end.

Manish also points us to the GnuWinII website, which has a big honkin’ list of GPL’d apps for Windows, broken down by category. Both links are definitely bookmark-worthy.