By Deane Barker on August 18, 2004

Woot!: Today’s deal was pretty good — five-piece PC speaker system for $25. Plus, they have an RSS feed.

woot.com is an online store and community run by the employees of a 10 year old consumer electronics distributor that focuses on close-outs and generally buying stuff cheap. Since the distributor doesn’t sell to end users, Woot, Inc provides us with an employee-store slash market-testing type of place. Hopefully the boss won’t take notice. We anticipate profitability by 2043 — by then we should be retired; someone smarter might take over and jack up the prices.

I see only 1 item, do you sell anything else? No. We sell 1 item per day until it is sold out or until 11:59pm central time when it is replaced (see next entry for details). However, each item we sell is in stock and ready to ship that day. Our warehouse manager thinks we are insane.



  1. Sorry Deane, but your friend lied to you. Woot! only sells 3 items per person max. Here’s a quote from their website:

    I’ll take them all, what is my discount? There is a maximum of 3 units purchased per order with 1 order per account each day. The shipping charge is only charged once so you’ll save a slight amount on 2 or 3.

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