The Walmart Laptop

By on August 17, 2004

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, Walmart puts out an ultra-cheap laptop for under $600. It’s an ECS A535, and comes with an Athlon 1.6GHz processor, 14” screen, wireless networking, and XP Home Edition.

As expected, Walmart continues its push of cheap imports with little regard for anything but its own bottom line.

I guess it’s good for the US economy in one respect; cheap hardware like this will undoubtedly keep support guys plenty busy. And at that price you might as well buy two; one for a backup or for spare parts.

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  1. writing from the new walmart 598 laptop…. the fan is noisy. is this just a fluke or is there someone out there who has the same laptop which is quiet?

  2. It sounds reasonable to me. Anyone who has ever opened a computer box knows that the first item is the shaft. So it is cheap. So what. Is a Sony ten times better?

    Nah, grow up. THere ain’t much to any of them. They used to say you were paying for the engineering but what the hell is so important about 4gigs instead of 1.4. Nothing unless you are processing a movie and then it takes all night insteadof two hours.

    Face it, they are all grossly overpriced. You can thank trigem for sticking it to the big boys and you knowi it and I do too.

  3. I have the A535 from Walmart and the fan is noisy on this one also. That was the first thing I noticed. The modem went bad about half way through the first year and decided to go with an external modem as it would cost about the same as shipping to have it fixed, even under warranty. It’s a good first computer for someone who has never used one, or good if you don’t need to be mobile, but want the small compact space of a laptop/notebook vs a desktop.

  4. I have one of these “Cheap Laptop. It works fine, does exactly what it should do. The complaint about Walmart selling cheap Imports. Where do you think Dell and th eothers make their Laptops ???

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