Scientific Journal Archive

By Deane Barker on August 17, 2004 e-Print archive: Here’s a huge archive of scientific papers, including some great ones on computer science and information architecture (scroll just a bit — it’s towards the bottom).

With great titles like “Semantic Linking — a Context-Based Approach to Interactivity in Hypermedia,” “The Revolution In Database System Architecture,” and (hold the phone) “Exposing Software Defined Radio Functionality To Native Operating System Applications via Virtual Devices,” how can you go wrong?

Via this Wikipedia page which has this to say:

One of the most common complaints about the peer review process is that it is slow, and that it typically takes several months or even several years in some fields for a submitted paper to appear in print. In practice, much of the communication about new results in some fields such as astronomy no longer takes place through peer reviewed papers, but rather through preprints submitted onto electronic servers such as



  1. I tried to read one of these papers last night. I got to page two before I was hopelessly and completely lost. I always thought I was a pretty bright guy, but holy cats….

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