By Deane Barker on August 14, 2004 – Anonymizer 2004: As near as I can tell, this thing lets you use a common proxy server and then runs SSL to and from that server. Anyone know more specific information about how this works?

With Anonymizer 2004, your IP address is hidden and your surfing is encrypted with Surfing Security, preventing online marketers and snoops from tracking you.



  1. I ran an earlier version. It’s a strange proxy in that a browser helper object (this solution would seem to be IE only, I didn’t have Firefox at the time) encrypts the intended URL and requests it from the Anonymizer SSL site. It doesn’t mess with your proxy settings at all, but sites with Javascript dropdown menus (for example) either nullify the protection by jumping back out to unencrypted URLs, or they are improperly encrypted by the BHO, and cause the system to get munged up.

    Their SSH package is just a Putty-like port tunneler that proxies all internet requests through their server. It doesn’t protect your browsing privacy (the anonymizer erases cookies and such while it proxies), but it prevents you from being snooped upon.

  2. My ISP — in China — is filtering it as well. :/ Love that Firewall!

    Strangely, I can use anonymouse still.

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