The Future of the Mac

By Deane Barker on June 24, 2003

BW Online | Apple’s Real Worry Isn’t the Loss of IE: Good article on the future of the Mac and how it’s tied in with Microsoft.

“…far more daunting is the prospect of Microsoft abandoning the Mac version of its popular Office software. That’s because Apple hasn’t yet shown it can replace Office for most of its users. And without Office, Apple’s whole “switchers” program to convert Windows users will probably run aground.

Microsoft Word, Entourage, Excel, and PowerPoint are key bridges between the two worlds. Remove them, and buying a Mac suddenly looks a lot scarier.”

The author makes another point: the number of Linux machines on the desktop will surpass Macs on the desktop by the end of the year.



  1. I would have to guess that Apple is VERY confident in their current relationship with Microsoft in regard to Office. If not, they would be busy developing their own Office app. You can see this in the past with the recent inclusions of Address Book and Mail in OS X. Microsoft basically stopped developing IE for Mac a couple of years ago. I have to believe that Apple took this as a cue and began work on Safari. Safari is an excellent product with only a couple of minor annoyances that I have found so far. If Apple really wants to create an office app I have not doubt they could do it and add things to it that MS would be envious of.

  2. More fundamental to this discussion is the fact that people need to ween thenselves from Office. There are so many alternatives to it now, and they are so good, that why should Office’s availability have so much sway in a decision?

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