What If Microsoft Just Shut Down?

By Deane Barker on August 12, 2004

Closing Microsoft: Fascinating concept here: just close down Microsoft. Bill Gates said he wants to keep running the company until it’s no longer fun. Dvorak opines that this time has come, and he explores how you would just shut down a company like Microsoft. Absurd, but interesting.

As this is written, the asset or book value of Microsoft per share, including the $70-plus billion in the bank, is a fraction of the stock price. But if Microsoft can knock down the stock price with one or two dubious reports and collect another $50 billion or so while moving everything offshore, it might be possible to pay out the money to the shareholders and close the company. Just walk.

[…] all the principals would have their money, houses, and cars, and would never have to worry about Microsoft going into a pathetic decline, as most companies eventually do. The closure would be one of the most interesting episodes in the history of business.



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