AOL To Sell Computers

By Deane Barker on August 12, 2004

AOL to Sell Cheap PCs to Minorities and Seniors: Good strategy — when your market stagnates, you take steps to make it bigger.

America Online on Thursday said it plans to sell a low-priced PC targeting low-income and minority households who agree to sign up for a year of dialup Internet service.

The computers will come configured with a simple desktop with large icons that send users to specific areas of the AOL service or applications loaded on the computer.



  1. where can I buy such a computer. When can I buy it. How much does it cost.Where can I see it

  2. I am a senior citizen with an AOL account. I have several friends who would like to purchase a computer. Where and how can they purchase them? They can ot og in and ask. They don’t own computers. I believe your service is iedal for senior citizens. Most seniors are reluctant to purchase. I can understand that. I hope you do. I believe they really need them. thank you

  3. Okay, everyone, relax —

    First, these are just plans. If AOL just announced it, then you won’t be able to actually buy anything for months. And if you’re an AOL member, I have no doubt that you’ll be bombarded with offers sometime soon.

    Second, I don’t know anything else about this. Nothing. Nada, Zilch.

    Sorry. Closing comments.

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