Lookout Download Back in Action

By Deane Barker on August 11, 2004

Download details: Lookout v1.2: When we discussed Lookout’s aquisition by Microsoft a couple weeks ago, some people noted that it was no longer downloadable. It appears to be back — get it at the above link while you can.



  1. Thanks for that. The last time I couldn’t find it anywhere.

    It really does speed up finding stuff. I work as a support role, so it is necessary at time to go trawling through emails from way back in the Support mailbox. This removes that need altogether.

    Recommended for anyone in a business that uses email primarily for communication.

  2. I had problems to install lookout on outlook 07, but now i m not dissappointed about this anymore! I work with lookeen now and be very happy with it!

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