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By Deane Barker on August 10, 2004

The Original Free iPod Guide: I’m hearing from a couple of people that this is not a scam — you really can get a free iPod. I’m still waiting for someone I know and trust to confirm that they got one.

Click the given referral link […] There’s a marketing survey […] Make sure you have verified your email address. If you did not receive an email go to the My Account page and click the link to send the verification email. […] Sign up with one of their partners and complete an offer. Skip down to see instructions on the different options for completing offers. […] Refer 5 friends and have them complete 1 of the offers each […] Wait for your iPod to ship

I have a good friend who apparently has an iPod in the mail. I’ll let you know if I can confirm he received it.



  1. Hmmmmmm not happy to see this:

    When signing up and completing offers, always use Internet Explorer

    Given that my windows machine NEVER sees the outside world and is only used for video editing and gaming I don’t think I have a chance. Oh well.

  2. If you can complete the requirements, hey, free iPod is better than nothing. There really isn’t anything to lose, you just have to complete the referrals.

    Some people have started a Yahoo group to speed up the process… pretty much, go down the line and keep on adding up unto you get the referrals needed. Good idea, I think…

  3. This is absolutly real, use the link above, sign up for 1 of the offers (Real is only $.99 right now and can be cancelled anytime). Get your 5 buddies to do the same and away you go. A bunch of my friends at work did it a couple months ago.

  4. Yes its real, i got one yesterday myself. I have a screen shot it shipping. And furthmore a picture of the item and the box it came in. (it did not come with a packing slip like others say it does (maybe a change? or lies? i dunno) regardless, it shipped priority international mail from china, thus probably directly from the distributor. See my link for info and pics.

    nate in boston

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