Mac in a PC in a Mac

By on August 6, 2004

I saw a post for this great case mod today, and had to check it out. Some guy took an old Mac SE/30, ripped the guts out of it, then stuffed a Mini-ITX logic board and a 9-inch grayscale monitor inside the case. He now runs Windows XP on the thing.

And if that weren’t enough,

Thanks to the excellent Basilisk II the Mac-ITX can be turned in to – well, a Mac! The 68k Mac emulation is virtually perfect, and you would never know that it wasn’t the real thing. Except in one respect – my emulated Mac now runs about 15 times faster that the original SE/30. Does this make Mac-ITX the most elaborate Mac upgrade of all time?

A very nicely done hack. But aside from the cool-factor, you’ve just got to ask “why?” Some people have way too much time on their hands.