Gadgetopia World Tour 2004

By on August 2, 2004

Busy week ‘round these parts. Deane is off in Colorado, unwired and climbing Horn Peak. We can start laying odds if he’ll make it, succumb to the elements, or go feral and start preying on camp sites in the night.

I’m somewhat at the opposite end of the tech spectrum this week. I just landed in Boston, where I’m spending the week getting my distributed architecture on. Two great things about this hotel: free wireless and lap desks for your laptop.

So the long and short of it is that Gadgetopia HQ will be a little understaffed this week. I’ll try to keep things movin’, but I’ll probably be keeping weird hours.



  1. Horn Peak is only a day’s activity for Deane’s Colorado adventure; he and his cohorts are being hosted by a group called Peak 3 Outfitters based in Colorado Springs.

    Peak 3 will be helping them do rock climbing, rappelling, white-water rafting, high ropes course… all kinds of low-tech, high-adrenalin stuff intended to test your mettle and help you to learn how to better work as a team.

    I went there in 2000, and it was great. The Peak 3 staff was outstanding, waiting on us older, less physically fit campers like they actually enjoyed it. I doubt Deane will wander far from camp if the food they serve is anything like what I had. It was marvelous. I’d love to go back, even if only for the food.

    I doubt Deane will be gadget-starved either; the outdoors crew has their own genre of geek tech, what with GPS, altimeter watches, radios, etc… During my peak ascent in 2000, several people pulled out cel phones and called home during a break about 3/4 of the way up. Pathetic.

  2. I just got back an hour ago. Wow. I’ll never be the same. I tried very hard to stay unwired and out of touch. I didn’t even call Annie and the kids for eight days.

    It’s not that hard to forget IT when you’re hanging off the front of a white-water raft, riding it like a bucking bronco through Class 4 rapids in the middle of the Arkansas River.

    Peak 3 rules.

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