If You Have It, We Play It

By on July 31, 2004

dvp642_l_us.jpgMy DVD player died last month, refusing to even eject the discs it had without the aid of a screwdriver. Fortunately, I found a really great player at Target for only 70 bucks. The Philips DVP642.

Dreaming of a player that plays practically any disc format? Do you want to enjoy flawless, true-to-life picture quality? Now you can! With Philips DVD players, staying home has never been better as the promised movies and music entertainment experience is delivered right to you.

The motto on the card attached to the demo model said “You Have It, We’ll Play It”, and it’s so far lived up to the claim. The player was designed with the acknowledgement that people don’t just want to play DVDs in their DVD players. It plays CD-R & RW, DVD+R & +RW, CD, MP3, MPEG, and DivX (oh yeah, and DVD’s). When you insert a picture disc, it starts a slideshow, and allows you to rotate the pictures on the fly (so the whole family isn’t leaning sideways). If you drag some MP3’s on the CD alongside your JPEG’s, it will even play the MP3’s while it shows the pictures. Very slick. The only missing features are WMA, and DTS surround sound encoding (I can’t hear much difference between DTS and Dolby, but it’s one of those features that the audiophiles look for). It’s a lot of function for the price. Amazing what mass production has done to the price of DVD players.



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