Dinner with Bill

By on July 30, 2004

Jeff Maurone, an intern at Microsoft, shares his experience having dinner at Bill Gates’ home.

Further and further you descend, past what seems to be an annex library, as it was certainly not the primary librarian that houses the Leicester Codex (Bill’s original DaVinci notebook, for which he paid approx $30.8 million). Elegantly non-intrusive but screaming geekhood were sparsely placed digital canvases that, ever so often, changed the artwork on the wall. We passed the movie theatre, rumored to be the most advanced movie theatre in the world. Finally, we reached the bottom level of the entertaining portion of the home. To the left was a room with a design so powerful that it could only exist in the home of the richest man in the world.

After hearing about the security surrounding the house and the amount of work Bill does, it makes me appreciate the ability to sit on my back porch, eat a popsicle, and watch the sun set.



  1. I visited my Dad in Seattle once and took a harbor cruise through Lake Union and Lake Washington, right past Bill Gates’ house which is right on the water.

    I got to thinking that his property line probably didn’t start until the high-water mark, so I could have jumped out of the boat, swam up to shore, and stood knee deep in the water with a sign that read “Linux Rules.”

    I wonder how long until his demons swarmed out of the abyss and spirited me away?

  2. Here’s the funny part though. You will never be able to stand in front of a Linux Billionares house with a sign that says “Microsoft Rules”. You know because Linux doesn’t really rule Microsoft and Windows rules. You could have said something more appropriate like “I love Linux”

  3. Actually, I’ve read that Pixar’s movie theater was the most advanced in the world. Pity I’ll never be able to go to one of them let alone both, so I’ll never be able to tell.

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