Cell Phone Directory

By Deane Barker on July 28, 2004

Cell phone directory gets hoots, hollers: This seems like a no-brainer to me.

The days of searching in vain for someone’s cell phone number are almost over. Starting early next year, you’ll be able to call directory assistance to get a mobile number.

However, some people object:

“These devices are considered much more personal than landline (phones),” says Chris Hoofnagle of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “People tend to carry them everywhere and answer them when they ring.”

What’s more, cell phone subscribers pay for incoming calls, even unwanted ones.

Such concerns prompted Verizon Wireless, the No. 1 wireless company, to keep its 40 million subscribers out of the directory.

Isn’t it interesting how cell phones have made phone numbers personal? A phone number used to be associated with a family ot a business — a group of people. But now, everyone in my family can have a cell phone, and therefore a phone number associated with them personally.



  1. Why should cell phones not have a directory? Your number already displays when you make a call on the recipients phone, doesn’t it? So the argument that a land line is less private than a cell phone is ridiculous. Where’s the complaint about anonymity with respect to the GPS mandated to be in all cell phones by 2005? Many single individuals have had a land line that is directly associated with them, as they are the only member of the household. You can always opt out to be unlisted, as has been the historic case.

    Part of this worry about spam calling or unwanted calls is that phone companies such as Verizon are dipping in the kettle at both ends. You should never be charged air time other than for originating the call. A land line call recipient isn’t charged for their ‘line’ time other than the monthly subscription rate, are they? So why should a cell phone user pay these currently usurious rates, rates equivalent to long distance charges, on both ends of the call? If spammers had to pay these rates, I bet you wouldn’t get many spam calls.

  2. I agree with the last person to post. Wyty works as a place to have your cell phone number or other information listed-but you controll the information, not your wirless company. pretty good idea.

  3. all i fucking wanted to do was find a number and your making it harder i dont care a bouit other people i need a phone number duh!! you must be real geeks

  4. [To the tune of “Ugly Cat” by Pheobe Boufait

    Stupid Website, Stupid Website, Nobody Luvs you. He says duh. I say duhs Where is your title at?… Duh at the bottom

  5. I dont understand. I pay for a non published. The soliciters get it and all whats up with that? I cant even find a directory for cell phones without payin for it and thats not right all the time. I pay to have my number unlisted and its not so why isnt the cell phone company under the same scrutiny I’m pi–ed I have a brother I cant reac because of it there ought to be a law. Whats right for one should be the same for all. This is a screwed up world Got Money Got what you want. Wong its really wrong.

  6. I’ve had solicitors call me as well and it can be really annoying (especially when I’m at dinner with the family.) One thing that I’ve found that helps is using a service like http://www.numberinvestigator.com to identify these numbers and block them. It seems to work well.

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