Onion Article

By on July 28, 2004

So Rob sends me this Onion Article.

Many web users were trapped without service Monday, when a large section of the Internet collapsed under the weight of the millions of baby pictures posted online. “Some personal web pages contain literally hundreds of adorable infant photos,” MCI senior vice-president Vinton Cerffe said. “Add to that the number of precious pumpkins on photo-sharing sites like Ophoto.com, and anyone can see it was a recipe for disaster. The Internet simply was not designed to support so much parental pride.”

I’m not sure why he sent it to ME, though. Why, Rob? Why?

(There actually must be some truth to this article. The hard disk I keep my baby pictures on crapped out this weekend, and it’s less than a year old.)



  1. Baby a little more than a year, hard disk a little less than a year. Apparently the cute has collapsed the NTFS partition’s index, because the recovery programs aren’t really getting anywhere with it. If anyone knows a good one, I’d be happy to hear about it.

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