MT 3.1

By Deane Barker on July 27, 2004 :: Movable Type 3.1 has been announced and has some huge changes. These three alone will greatly satisfy the hoards.

Dynamic PHP publishing, controllable on a per-template basis: You can control whether you publish a dynamic or static page on a per-template basis, letting you balance the publishing and traffic for your weblog. For example, high-demand documents like XML syndication files can be static, for maximum speed and lower server load, and individual post archives can be dynamic, eliminating the need to rebuild pages when making a global template change.

Post scheduling: Allows authors to set a time and date for posts to appear, permitting automatic updates to your weblog. Keep your weblog community up to date even if you’re not at your computer to create new posts.

Subcategories: A new category management interface gives you fine-grained control over the organization and display of your posts. You can even easily move a subcategory from one parent category to another.

Seriously contemplating an upgrade.



  1. Hmm, That sounds a lot like WordPress… I dumped MT for WP and have no desire to go back! You may want to consider it.

  2. I’ve heard that same sentiment from a lot of people, believe me. And I’ve noticed that WordPress is appearing more and more among the blogs I read. Someone I trust very much told me he looked into WordPress but declined due to these reasons:

    • Lack of established developer community
    • Lack of flexibility (sites all look like blogs)
    • Single blog per install

    I can’t vouch for how true these things are, but MT’s plugin library is tough to discount.

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