Freebie Friday

By on July 23, 2004

It’s raining free apps!

Picasa is a pretty terrific photo management software. Google just bought the company, and they’re giving Picasa away for free. My father-in-law just got a digital camera for his birthday, so I set him up with Picasa. Now he just plugs in the camera, and up pops picasa. It slurps off all the pictures on to the computer, and clears the camera card for the next use. All he has to do is name the album. He can also remove redeye, crop, enhance, print, email, and etc. The interface is extremely friendly. I use Photoshop Album at home, but if I didn’t have that, I’d use Picasa.

Microsoft snapped up Lookout, a search plugin for Outlook, and that’s in the free software bin now too. Lookout is a lightning-speed email search that relieves you from organizing your emails (like I ever did anyway). The speed on this thing is amazing. Did the designer mail me that photoshop? ‘attachment: psd’ Where was I meeting Deane for lunch? ‘lunch from: Deane’. What was the confirmation number for the flight? ‘flight’. Sort of like the Gmail search features, but for your desktop.

Why hasn’t Microsoft snapped up NewsGator? Newsgator paired with Lookout would be awesome. Instant search of every post from every blog you read. Maybe they have some larger RSS strategy in mind. After all, they’ve certainly noticed RSS.



  1. I managed to get Lookout just this afternoon. Trust me — it’s still out there.

    Picasa is good, but I can’t seem to get a handle on how it interacts with the file system. Picasa claims to leave the file system as it is, but I get confused — if I make a change to the file system (independent of Picasa) what does that do to my Picasa data?

    I have everything organized perfectly in Picasa right now, and I almost wish I could just hit a button and have it re-arrange my filesystem to match what I have in Picasa.

    It also gets my vote for most Mac-like Windows app ever. Gorgeous app.

  2. Dean.

    How did you get Lookout? I did a search on google and as per the missing page at to no avail.

    I would rather not get it from p2p/hacked…

    Lookout seems like a perfect add on for me as I have to search my emails at least once a day to find something important.

  3. Hey I really like picasa, it so easy and clear..just great, but….

    Lookout is gone, you´re right it was great,but it is not coming back and I think we have to accept this…I work with Lookeen now and I find it a way better than lookout!

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