It’s Official: Everybody Blogs Now

By on July 23, 2004

New on MSDN: IEBlog. The official blog of the Internet Explorer product team. As it turns out, there is an Internet Explorer product team. And they’re working on IE 7. Go figure. Their take on IE?

I Love This Browser!

I hopefully got your attention with the title of my first post. And it is definitely true for me, as I have loved browsing the web since I started way back in the mid 90s, and I really love browsing with IE.

Sounds like they’re drinking their own Koolaid up in Redmond.

Also of interest is the Internet Explorer Feedback Wiki, which is the opposite end of the spectrum, where everyone dumps their frustrations with IE. It would be nice to hear the IE team address some of these items on their new blog, since they don’t seem to post to the Wiki much.

Microsoft has an awful lot of people blogging these days, and you can’t help but like the openness of it all, even if it is somewhat flavored with a hint of corporate communications policy.