By Deane Barker on June 22, 2003

CityDesk: Desktop Content Management: I found a link to this from that last item I posted:

[…] CityDesk is an affordable, full powered content management system (CMS) that you can run on your own computer.

I downloaded the free edition (up to 50 pages), and I can say that it is incredibly easy to use. Very simple, very powerful. It’s a desktop editor, pages are template driven, and it can publish via file copy or FTP. It generates pure HTML, so you can publish to any server.

However, as I discussed in a previous post, this is a closed system — it handles only one object: an “article.” So long as all your content fits in an article format (like a blog), then you’re fine. More than fine, in fact — at $79 for the standard edition it’s a little pricey, but after five minutes I can already see it’d be worth it.

(Something else worth noting — I spent about 10 minutes with the documentation, and I honestly think I know everything there is to know about using the software. Seriously. A tribute to simple design and good technical writing.)



  1. Nope, never heard of him before finding that link. Somewhere, however, CityDesk rings a bell. I think I did run across that sometime in the past.

  2. He’s got a lot to say and more than a few people find him arrogant but what he has to say on usability and UI design is worth listening to, even if you don’t necessarily agree with him :-)

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