New Blue Devils to get iPods

By on July 19, 2004

This is too cool for words. Duke will be providing all incoming freshman with their very own iPod this coming semester.

The iPods will be preloaded with content related to Duke campus life, including freshman orientation information and the academic calendar. What’s more, a special Duke Web site modeled on Apple’s own iTunes site will offer course content for download, including language lessons, music, recorded lectures and audio books. Duke students will also be able to purchase music through the site.

Getting one won’t be as easy as it sounds. Have you seen the admissions requirements for Duke? Tuition alone is $29,000. I suppose the least they could do is throw in a $300 iPod. When I entered college about 20 years ago they never would have given every student a Walkman. Just goes to show how our attitudes about content distribution are changing.