The Beast

By on July 19, 2004

A few years ago I got sucked into a web game wrapped around the soon to be released A.I.: Artificial Intelligence movie. I promptly discovered I was much too impatient to play this game as finding all the answers would take months, not minutes. Way too much time to waste for a movie that wasn’t all that good. The concept of what they were trying to do was intriguing however.

One of the team members for the project is now providing a bit more insight into how the game was built.

The idea was that the fiction should jump the dike. A book you can close, a movie happens in a theater—but the Game should evade those boundaries. If our imaginary world called you on your real phone, wasn’t it at least as real as the telemarketers doing the same thing? Realer, because you would have seen pictures of the imaginary people calling you. You’d know things about their childhood, their hopes and disappointments, their taste in food.

What’s most amazing to me is that this was built by Microsoft and they actually managed to keep the whole thing a secret.

Via Kottke