iPod Cat Out Of The Bag

By on July 17, 2004

Apple has been hinting about a new iPod, and Monday’s Newsweek cover has been leaked, and guess what’s on it? Steve Jobs and the newer, smaller, higher capacity (why?!) iPod.

Much like Time and the new iMac back in 2002, Newsweek has leaked an image with Steve Jobs and the new iPod. Click the thumbnail to enlarge it. It appears that the new iPod has a similar click wheel/scroll pad mechanism to that of the iPod Mini. While other details are sparse, sources say that there will be storage increases, availability in several different colors and similar pricing to the current iPods.

My favorite part is the look on Steve that says “What computers? We’ve always been big on music players.”



  1. “…higher capacity (why?!) iPod.”

    because the plan is to be able to put one’s OS X home directory on an iPod and be able to carry that wherever you go. How great would it be to be able to plug your iPod into any Mac anywhere and have the same user settings without a lot of futzing. That would be sweet. And with a big enough drive in the iPod you could even boot off of it. Not a possibility today, but…

  2. I think I remember Rob telling me one time that booting off a firewire drive was already possible with some tweaking? Anyway, even with this use, 40GB seems like plenty. I think I could fit all of my music, documents, and pictures into 20 or 30GB with room to spare, and we take at least one picture per day. I guess some folks have a lot more music than I do.

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