By on July 16, 2004

I’ve been hunting a decent RSS aggregator for Linux for some time. Liferea and Straw refresh at the speed of smell, and Sage (for FireFox) is the only RSS aggregator I know of that doesn’t aggregate. AKregator does the trick. Ragica over on KDE-apps sez:

A nice clean sensible RSS agregator for KDE. This shows a lot of promise. It doesn’t have all of the features (yet) I’d like to have (and the name has a particularly gratuitous forced K spelling), but it’s good enough to be very functional. It’s unobtrusive, and just works.

The version I’m running is a beta, and it still has a couple of crash bugs in it, but it aggregates beautifully, refreshes with lightning speed, and has a handy tray icon to update you when new feeds are available.



  1. Considering that an aggregator runs more than 5min it might be an advantage when there is no 50k/s update “burst” right after the startup. Maybe Straw and Liferea just do not want to disturb the user while surfing?

  2. Do you have any idea if there’s an extension to integrate akregator with firefox? There is a plugin for Konqueror, but firefox would be quite nice…

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