Google Giveaway

By on July 16, 2004

Earlier this week, Google announced they were purchasing Picasa, the excellent photo organization program. Well, now they’re giving it away. If you are still looking for a good (and free) way to organize your pile of digital photos go get it. It has a great interface and does most of what Photoshop Album does. Actually, looking at the interface makes me wonder how this is not an OS X app.

I see a couple of things happening here. First, Google will probably tie this into the next version of blogger which they also own. No doubt posting to your blogger account will be a standard option in the next version of Picasa. Secondly, they are using that same user base to increase sales of the next version of Picasa which I believe is already under development. Works for drug dealers. Give em’ a little for free and wait for them to pay when they want more.

Go give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.



  1. Should have done a little more research. Hello is a sister applicaton to Picasa and has had the ability to post to blogger accounts for the last couple of months. I do think it will be more tightly integrated into Picasa in the future however.

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