Now You’re Just Getting Ridiculous

By on July 15, 2004

Crazy-Thin Sony LaptopIs your 2.5 pound Ultralight laptop really dragging you down when you tote it through the airport? Sony has you covered:

The X505 is Sony’s smallest notebook, weighing less than two pounds and under an inch thin. While small in size, the X505 delivers big performance through the power of the Intel Pentium M Processor and a host of other top features. The fusion of style and technology gives it all the functionality of notebooks twice its size. With its sleek lines and sophisticated design, you wont mind bringing your office with you where ever you go.

You really have to go look at the pictures to get an idea of how insanely thin this thing is. And the best part? No fan. So now we have notebook computers that are smaller than actual notebooks.



  1. This is very tempting for a PC product. Of course if I were buying something for myself I would go with a Mac 12″ Powerbook but since I have to provide PCs and Macs to my clients this would not be a bad way to go except for two items. 1. As with most Sony laptops it seems overpriced to me. I would pay $1-2000 for this but not $3000. 2. It does not appear to have an internal optical drive. Maybe for some people that is not a big deal but most people need to get data into a laptop or display a DVD. If I am going to give them the hassle of carrying and connecting an external drive I might as well go with a larger laptop in the first place.

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