More on SCO’s Basis

By Deane Barker on June 21, 2003

SCO Owns Your Computer: More information about what SCO is upset about. This looks like more than 80 lines of code to me.

“Specifically, [SCO] believes the ‘SCO technologies’ which were misappropriated into AIX, IRIX, and the derivative UNIX-alikes (including Linux) are: JFS (Journalling File System); NUMA (Non Uniform Memory Access), a SGI/Stanford collaboration; RCU (Read Copy Update); SMP (Symmetrical Multi-Processing).”



  1. You’ll note that the NUMA code was written by SGI, the RCU code by Sequent, and the JFS code by IBM. None of the code SCO publically mentions was written by SCO, and some of it has never been inside a Unix kernel, AFAIK.

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